Accelerated Companies

Performance focused dance companies, with competitive opportunities, for dancers 6+.

Why join? 

As dancers start to progress in their classes and at recital, they start to crave more ways to perform, express their passion for dance, and spend time with dance friends. 

One goal of our accelerated companies are to give dancers more opportunities to perform, grow their artistry, and study dance at an advanced level. Members are exposed to professionals in the field of dance, enjoy meeting other dancers across the state, and excel in the art form. They dance more and perform often. 

Offering competitive and conventional opportunities allows feedback from professionals, stay active in the latest dance trends, and begin networking with others.

Dancers will have separate rehearsals apart from their weekly class to prepare for the spring concert and other performance opportunities. This group of dancers will become ambassadors and represent the studio at community performances and events. 


2020-2021 Company Information Coming Soon!

Now Introducing...

"Little Images" for dancers 6-8

"Stage Works" for dancers 9+, beg-int

Join us for a virtual informational meeting 

Sunday, August 30th at 4:00pm

Directed by Co-Owner

Madeline Kelley



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Project Stage

Project Stage was the first company Stage Images offered. This is the top level of companies to join at Stage Images. Project Stage dances will automatically be enrolled at the Int/Adv levels at competitions.

Ages: 9+

Levels: Int/Adv

Class Hours: 5 plus rehearsals

Classes Required: Ballet, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Stretch & Strength, Hip hop (Level III, Int, or higher)

Optional Classes: Tap

Competitions: 3-4

Conventions: 1 

Group Dances: 4-5

Rehearsals: Saturday mornings and/or Sunday afternoons

Project Stage 19-20.JPG

Stage Works *New*

Stage Works is new for the 2020-21 season! The perfect company for those wanting to compete for the first time or want minimal commitment at the competitive level. All competitive routines will be entered at the Beg/Int levels

Ages: 9+

Levels: Beg/Int

Class Hours: 4 plus rehearsals

Classes Required: Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Stretch & Strength, Hip hop (Levels Beg to Level III)

Optional Classes: Ballet, Tap

Competitions: 1-2

Conventions: Optional

Group Dances: 2-3 (some group dances may not compete)

Rehearsals: Saturday mornings


Little Images *New*

Little Images is new for the 2020-21 season! For all our 6 to 8 year old dancers who are ready to take their commitment to the next level! These dancers have their own technique classes during the week! Little Images will be directed by Julie Trujillo!

Ages: 6-8

Levels: Int -Must have previous experience

Class Hours: 2 plus rehearsals

Classes Required: Little Images Tap, Little Images Jazz, Ballet

Optional Classes: Hip hop

Competitions: 1-2

Conventions: Optional

Group Dances: 2-3

Rehearsals: any additional dances Little Images members are in will take place on Saturday mornings


Only interested in Hip hop?

For those only interested in performing additional hip hop dances under our accelerated companies, we have changed the requirements!

Class Requirements: Hip hop

Optional Classes: Stretch & Strength, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, 

Rehearsals: Saturday mornings and/or Sunday afternoons

Please see Ms Maddie for more information