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Dance at Home

Hip hop


Hip hop came to fruition in the 1970's in Bronx, New York. Hip hop is a culture with dance under it's umbrella. The main elements of the hip hop culture include dance, emceeing/rapping, DJing, graffiti, and beatboxing.

The first dance style in the hip hop scene were known as b-boys or b-girls aka breakers/break dancers.

Please note: more than likely as you continue researching hip hop dance videos, explicit songs may be used. Always check with a parent or guardian before continuing to watch videos that are NOT posted below.

Different Styles of Hip hop dance:

-Breakdancing aka B-boy/B-girl







-Juking/Memphis Juking







-and many more

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Articles to Read

Choreographer and Company Director: Rennie Harris -

Youtube Links

Hilty and Bosch - Locking -

Overview of Different Hip hop styles by Rennie Harris -

Notable Choreographers, Performers, Crews

-Les Twins -

French Twin Brothers

(Performance from NBC World of Dance) They have been dancers with Beyonce on tour and are guests all around the world before attending NBC WOD.

-Jabawockeez - Crew

-Rennie Harris - Choreographer


Disciples of Funk - Festival -

TKO with Kevin “KO” O’Keefe -

Both are local to Denver! Miss Maddie actually was in a performance with KO a couple years ago and worked with him - A great guy! KO has also worked with Rennie Harris in “Rennie Harris Grass Roots”

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