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Modern was born as a rebellion against the elegant and classical ballet genre. Modern evolved in the late 1800's and has continually evolved with many pioneers, influences, choreographers and companies. Modern is a contrast against ballet with using parallel positions, harsh angles, and grounded movement. But modern technique does have a ballet foundation as some of the pioneers of modern dance were once professional ballet dancers. At the beginning of modern dance, dancers were ditching their pointe shoes and corsets, and putting on free flowing costumes and dancing in bare feet. At times, modern dance has an abstract and authentic feel to its movement. This genre can be divided up into several different eras, earl modern, central modern, and late modern. Each era having its own influences and methods presented. Modern dance is found in the concert dance scene.

Modern Techniques/Styles/Methods include:

Shawn Fundamentals

Humphrey-Weidman (Fall and recover technique)

Katherine Dunham Technique

Cunningham Techique

Graham Technique

Horton Technique


Expressionist Dance



Modern dance has many contributors to this genre. These lists and facts only scratch the surface. 

Jacob's Pillow Interactive Archives

Articles to Read

Notable Choreographers, Performers, Companies

-Isadora Duncan

-Ruth St. Denis/ Ted Shawn

-Doris Humphrey

-Katherine Dunham

-Merce Cunningham

-Martha Graham & Company

-Lester Horton

-Twyla Tharp

-Paul Taylor & Company

-Jose Limon & Company

-Alvin Ailey Company

-Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

International Companies

-Batsheva Dance Company - Israel

Colorado Scene

Youtube Links

Modern Dance Evolution

Fun Resources!

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