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Tap dance really kicked off in the 19th century, rooted in African American history. It is a percussive style of dance with blends of Juba dance, English clogging, and Irish Jig. Tap was incorporated in minstrel shows and made its way into the Vaudeville era. As entertainment evolved, so did the field of dance. Tap blended into the Lindy Hop dance which eventually evolved into jazz dance being born.

National Tap Dance Day is May 25th which was signed into law by President George Bush in 1989. May 25th was chosen in honor of Mr. Bojangles birthday, an influential tapper.

Tap Techniques/Styles/Methods include:





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Articles to Read

Notable Choreographers, Performers, Companies

-Master Juba - The Inventor of Tap

-Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

-Gregory Hines

-Savion Glover

-Jason Samuels Smith

-Fred Astaire

-Ginger Rogers

-Chloe Arnolds & The Syncopated Ladies

-Tap Dogs


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