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"I have nothing but the at most respect for Stage Images. They provided dance instruction for my four-year-old daughter over and beyond what I ever could expect. My daughter was in another studio at the same time and she wouldn’t want to dance and the instructors had no patience with her. We made a choice to stay with Stage Images full time because she had learned so much about dance and has learned to love it so much. She loves the dance recitals and always wanted to go to practice. Sometimes she was a little ornery and didn’t like to cooperate but the instructors at Stage Images always had patience with her. I am hoping that my daughter will continue to grow and become an amazing dancer with Stage Images. I love all of these instructors and I love what they do with our children. They are a five star studio!!!!"

-Laci, Mom to 4 year old




"Lili started dance with Stage Images in September . Since then, we have seen marked improvement in her foot alignment (she was born with her right foot turned in) coordination and confidence. Julie works with her much like an OT specialist teaching her special moves and stretches to help build strength, she has more body awareness and is gently reminded to be mindful of her foot. Most encouraging though... the confidence she gets from dancing spills over into all aspects of her life."-Kandi, Mom to 5/6 year old

"So many great memories!!! Definitely molded me into the person I am today! And to think you taught me and now you'll get to teach my daughter!" -Lezli, Mom to 7-11 yo

Second Generation at Stage Images

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